Invest in Yourself


Even if you never step into a casino, you’ll be faced with situations where you need to assess the risks and benefits while making decisions. Gambling is an an inescapable part of our daily lives.

Our goal is to help you make better decisions by discussing the emotions, thoughts, and life obstacles that impact our choices.

We’re just getting started, so check back often for new tips, ideas, and strategies to improve your gambling and risk taking decisions.

Gambling Budget Calculator

Setting a budget for your gambling is universally suggested. But how much should we budget each week or month?


Play a low-dollar crazy parlay because it’s fun as hell to anticipate a win. Yeah, it’s going to lose. Or maybe be just one leg off. It’s a lotto ticket. Enjoy the ride, but don’t place all your eggs in that basket.


When you score a nice win, make that damn thing last! Use the wins to extend your bankroll in days, not bets. Keep your same bet size and volume, while enjoying that extra buffer to get you through a losing streak.



You’re going to lose. A lot! Expect it. Plan for it! Most importantly, learn to get better at losing. Accept the Ls and avoid doing dumb shit to compound them like chasing or letting it all ride on a game or two. Be great at losing.


Be honest with yourself and your friends. You’ll never improve if you lie to yourself about your ability or set unrealistic goals. We know people don’t win all the time, so why lie to cover up your losses. No one believes it and it creates a ball and chain to drag you down.


Being a better gambler means picking and choosing your spots. If you aren’t choosing to sit out from time to time, you’re likely playing far too many bad bets. Beat the FOMO and you’ll see great benefits.