How Much Should You Budget Each Month for Gambling?

Setting a budget for your gambling is universally suggested. But how much should we budget each week or month?

If you are anything like me, you absolutely hate making budgets. Am I right?

It ranks right up there with filing taxes, car repairs, and watching as someone painfully reads every word written on a slideshow.

And yet, it’s extremely important.

Enter the Simple Responsible Gambling Calculator

In designing this calculator, I wanted it to be as easy to use as entering a single number, yet insightful with suggestions from experts on how we can best allocate our money.

Give it a try and mess around with the various inputs to gain a better insight on how to best spend your money.

What are the suggested percentages based on?

Entertainment Budget: Most budgeting advice suggests using 5-10% of take-home pay for entertainment.

Gambling Budget: Gambling is an entertainment activity. While everyone’s entertainment spending will vary, the suggested max of 30% of your total entertainment budget seems appropriate to ensure you can afford other leisure and keep your gambling at a healthy level.

What is included in an entertainment budget?

Suggestions often include dining out, movies, live events/shows/games, and recreational activities.

Here’s What to Include in an Entertainment Budget (link) – Take Charge America Nonprofit Financial Education

Isn’t 10% too low?

It all depends on what is included in your entertainment budget.

“Some advisers take a broader approach that gives you a set percentage of your income, such as 20 percent or 30 percent, to spend on nonessential expenses, which include gifts, vacations, clothing, eating out and entertainment.” –

Adjust the calculator to best align with your budgeting approach.

Version #1:
Quick Weekly Gambling Budget Calculator

Version #2
Detailed Monthly Gambling Budget Calculator

The calculator is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Metrics used are based on commonly suggested budgeting advice.